A portrait of Croatia in 100 images

#21 Vis – ispod peka

Cooking octopus ispod peka at Konoba Roki’s, a restaurant at Plisko polje, Vis, September 2010
HRvis_0551a Croatia Vis food photography
Ispod peka is a slow, traditional Croatian method of cooking octopus, lamb or other meat – together with potatoes, onions, wine, olive oil and other ingredients – by roasting it in a shallow dish which is covered with an iron ‘lid’ or ‘bell’ sprinkled with hot coals. Plisko polje, on the far-flung island of Vis, also happens to be the unlikely location of a cricket ground – cricket having been founded on the island in the early 19th century by Captain William Hoste of Britain’s Royal Navy, during the Napoleonic Wars, and revived by winemaker Oliver Roki, owner of Konoba Roki’s.
Photo © Rudolf Abraham. No unauthorized use.

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