A portrait of Croatia in 100 images


#30 Gorjani – string band

Gorjani, Slavonia, Croatia. June 2014.
Traditional string band, in the village of Gorjani, Slavonia, Croatia, Procession of the Ljelje © Rudolf Abraham
Traditional string band, in the village of Gorjani, near Đakovo, Slavonia. String bands like this one, playing the tamburica (a traditional stringed instrument like a small long-necked lute) as well as a double bass, are popular in Slavonia and other parts of Croatia, as well as the surrounding region (Bosnia, Serbia etc). Often heard at weddings, this one is accompanying the annual Procession of the Ljelje, when each year on Whitsun young unmarried women and girls from Gorjani dress in traditional costumes, and following mass go in procession from house to house through the village, singing and dancing for their hosts. The Procession of the Ljelje was inscribed on the UNESCO list of Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2009. The tamburica comes in various shapes and sizes, from the small prim to the larger basprim – both pictured here – and bugarija, and may have single or paired strings.
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